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From Bulk Spreading Co to Shannon Bulk Haulage Ltd

Est. 1965



Bulk Spreading Co Ltd was founded by Mel Eveleigh and Dave Locke.

Mel Eveleigh continues to run the family potato farm alongside Bulk Spreading Co Ltd.

Claudia Eveleigh runs the office and books.

Late 1960s

Mel, Dave and Reids transport form 'Farmers Transport'. With a focus on livestock and potato cartage to local railheads or directly to Auckland.


Mel took sole ownership of Bulk Spreading Co Ltd.

Farmers Transport dissolved.

Mel also started up Shannon Metal Supplies to run alongside the spreading company. 


Bulk Spreading Co Ltd, opens weighbridge in Shannon.

Mangahao Quarry purchased, which is still owned and operated today.

Early 1990s

Brian Gattsche started to work on the Eveleigh family farm, whilst still operating his own truck, trading as Opiki Linehaul.

Janelle Gattsche (Mel and Claudia's daughter) begins working in the office and managing the books.


Mel and Brian join forces to create 'Bulk Potato Transport'. Combining Brian's experience in trucking and Mel's potato farm experience they were able to serve more customers. 


Brian and Janelle Gattsche purchase into the business and the rebranding to Shannon Bulk Haulage occurs. The same name in which we operate under today. 


Workload increases, as line haul, bulk cartage and spreading work becomes busier. Mel continues to run the family potato farm whilst Brian manages the transport side.


Brian and Janelle Gattsche purchase the business to become sole owners of Shannon Bulk Haulage.

Son Jackson joins Shannon Bulk Haulage.


Daughter Leah joins Shannon Bulk Haulage working on the spreading side.


So what does Shannon Bulk Haulage look like today?

There is a fleet of 18 trucks. We have 14 Staff members spread across the business. A special mention to our two long standing staff members, Shane who has been with SBH for 40 years and Darren 20 years. 

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